A few photographs which have been taken in London City Center and Mallorca.

These images all contain a split second in movement. Being that slow or fast.

With the Two police officers above, obviously there movement is of a slow state due to the specific job in hand guarding Number 10 Downing Street. I felt it was good picture to take with the bars being symbolic as such. Guns in hand and in the exact same position. Both with hardly any movement.



The photographs above and below are are of a a very calm state. In both completely opposite destinations.

The Beach and a City Center Attraction. The weather was exceptionally calm when the photograph of the beach was taken. No wind and a slow current of waves. With a lone woman briskly pacing into the deeper parts of the Mediterranean sea.

The photograph of the London Eye was took whilst in its daily rotational movement.¬†Concentrating on focusing on the Most important part of the Ride as apposed to the capsules them self’s. Allowing the vast size of the Ride to appear smaller.

















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